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Life Flip.

23 Jun

TO do list:
quit job (almost done),
find another job (done),
buy sunscreen (tom),
pack bag (tom),
get away (thursday),
jump on a train (thursday),
say hi to paris (thursday),
learn some italian (soon!),
jump on a boat and get to work (friday),
be happy (done).

[Due to this life flip that is so peculiar to my lovely life, there might be no updates till July.. at least].


Star Lover

18 Jun

From my Lover i want Stars but no Roses; for that Stars will shine in his Eyes, and Roses would be, but dead petals and Thorns in his Hands.

A Memory from my Grandpa’

13 Jun

Here is a tangible and wonderful memory i am to keep from my Grandpa’ who had his entire life revolving around all kinds of cameras.. this is one of them, which my uncle had kept aside for me. My mother had kept it until she would feel that it would be the right moment to give it to me. The other day, while we had a photographer friend over for dinner, i happened to mentioned this very camera to him, explaining how my grandpa showed it to me one day, with shivering hands and bright eyes. So my mother got up and went up claiming she had to go look for something.. when she came back, holding the camera in her hand, she gave  it to me saying “is this the one you are talking about?“.. How wonderful.

The camera shoots on glass pates and film both. I will try to load it and shoot with it some day. Paris sounds like a good place to try all this out. Old lense for a new life.

Roses are White, the Queen of Heart turns Pale..

6 Jun

Tear drops on Petals. In my garden, secretly the flowers cry at night, hiding from the world, yelling at the moon.. in silence.


3 Jun

Sometimes, the World is just not as Glamorous as what we thought it would be..

[Words, when mistaken for reality can be delusive too].

Disco-ball Eyed Psychedelic Doll

2 Jun

Short movie directed by illustrator and Hint contributor Przemek Sobocki –  filmed at Le Baron in Tokyo.


Sharing the love.. Especially the love for the Wonderlicious gold glittered eyelids, and this offbeat view on fashion disco.

If Paris was an Island..

1 Jun

Well, Paris HAS an Island, actually two, out of which the prettiest one is called Ile Saint Louis.. it’s the best/prettiest/frenchiest place in Paris. To give you an idea, it has the best old school gourmet ice-cream of the entire world (ask your google friend about Bertillon), and has had people like Baudelaire living there..

AND.. that is where i am gonna be living for the next few or many years to come! Yeah!! It’s official now, after a day in Paris yesterday and a visit of the room i’m going to be renting starting september! A beautiful tiny room on the 7th floor (that’ll give  me a perfectly toned up bottom and nothing to leave me breathless once i climb up there everyday!), with lots of light, lovely old furniture pieces and wonderful landlords.. and that is going to make this blog even more interesting and pretty!