Back in France

20 Aug

I left on the 25th June, two days after getting a random phone call from Italy: a work proposal, to work as a hostess on a boat. I wasn’t sure if i would be going for two weeks or two months. It’s been after almost two months that i put my backpack down yesterday, after a (lovely) 15 hours train journey.

In those two months, i worked as a hostess/cook/deck-hand/babysitter on a sweet Hanse 531 sailing boat in Croatia, learnt (some) Italian, visited Verona, Venezia, the lake of Garda and some other lovely mountain place, met great people, worked hard, swam a lot, got bruises on my legs, learnt tricks to make pasta the Italian way, got a tanned skin and sea bleached hairs, sat in a Jaguar car, ate cinnamon and other greatly flavored gelato, went to the Guggenheim museum.. A great experience which added new facets on the Kaleidoscope of my eyes.

[more picture to be uploaded here soonly]

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