Chemise a Fleurs et Fraises Tagada

22 Aug

The feel of a Summer that comes to an end, floats on the day of today in a transparent veil. The smell of grey clouds. The silence that prevails and  lingers after the storm. They numb my head slowly and make me want to sleep, but in my head, remains the summer sun. Flower prints as second skin, strawberry candies filing my mouth still. Decadent summer innocence that gives a reason to my shorts to get looser and my knees rockier. My legs are blue but my smile takes it all away. The summer was meant to be embraced and lived. The Sun bleached away the worries from my head. I stole pieces of stars at night and hid them in the ocean. I treasure the child in me. I worship the cuts and bruises on my skin, witnesses of a spontaneous and happy me.

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