Paris, Sweet Home

9 Sep

So here i am, settling down in Paris, in a room that feels so much like mine already, although i have to re-learn everything. A new life taking place in eighteen lovely square meters of Island, seven floors above the earth – the perfect height to imagine how much there is to do, see, walk, meet and discover..

Queen of the Attic, i watch Paris wake up and go to sleep, knowing at first every morning if Paris will be gloomy or happy. I will be happy for sure..

** no definite net connection at home yet, posting this from a library.. hoping to post more stuff soonly!

One Response to “Paris, Sweet Home”

  1. Pia September 12, 2010 at 2:12 pm #

    BEAUTIFUL photographs, saunf! I especially love the ones that are of the views from the apartment.

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