Up in the Attic

16 Oct

So the make up Era has begun indeed, and it’s been a very exiting and intense week (or has it been two weeks already? Time goes. and flies die.. anyways..), that got me  running all over the place, physically and mentally, with a few logistic changes in my life as well.. things that took me away from this blog. I shall come back soon with some glimpses of museum painting(s) or some makeup stuff.. soon.

Meanwhile, a couple of mood-shots from under the attic – where i think a lot, and sleep a lot less. Just because it’s pretty. and because it’s been pretty hard to climb those steps while i lack the energy a good night of sleep would give me. But that’s on the plan for this weekend.. starting now.

One Response to “Up in the Attic”

  1. marinette October 18, 2010 at 10:20 am #

    Un joli petit nid en collimasson, pour prendre de la hauteur sur les bruits de la ville. Prend soin de toi petit Lulu, dort paisiblement bien au chaud dans ta coquille…

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