Walking by the AFTERSQUAT.

20 Oct

When Winter comes in and you start getting cold, you better keep yourself warm at home, and enjoy some cocooning time. When your home happens to be rather cold too, then you better keep yourself busy..!

Every day, i try to do something that will make me grow in some or open my eyes a tiny bit more. The two can of course be linked. it is not difficult really, but i just try to let it happen and plan it as little as possible. I am becoming allergic to planning things out. Even if it’s something fun with a friend. All of a sudden the planning spoils all the joy out of the whole thing, i feel stuck somehow. It is really silly and not “normal”.. oh well. Anyways, often, a short walk does the trick. It brings you experiences, sights or people who make you grow or open up, when you least expected it. I almost got run over by a cycle yesterday. It does not have to be on the happy side always.

So today i went for a walk, walked so far i thought i should take the subway back, but i had forgotten that there were still strikes going on and i got literally squeezed and soaked in a million people’s workday sweat and worries… uuh. But that long walk brought me to an artist residency / publicly open art workshop spaces i had been  meaning to visit for quite some time.

Very insightful.


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