Show Off Paris

24 Oct

Today was the last day of the SHOW OFF PARIS, a fantastic 4 days event that gathered some of the most influent galleries (mainly Parisians but a couple of other too) under one roof white-tent.

I ran to the exhibit on thursday afternoon straight after class, expecting that we’ll have to queue for a while, but not. The place was strangely empty. There were some major art event happening next door and for the same four days (fiac), and that one had loads of black shiny cars + men in suits + women in heels lined up at the entrance – and in such effervescence  that the entire boulevard suddenly seemed to appear very busy and important, but to be honest, it seemed as much of a social masquerade show than an Art event. Anyways, the good thing is that all those important people were not only very distracting to watch, but that they somewhat contributed to the fact that i could enjoy a high quality exhibition without being pushed over by a million legs/feet/arms while admiring the work put up, and that was a breeze. No one wants to go to an exhibition and feel like being in the Metro.

So back to the exhibit per se, i truly, deeply enjoyed it, and wish that those of you who are in Paris could see it. And for the all others, i hope that the picture will reflect and communicate some amount of the inspiration i felt.

Note: as usual, i left snippets of thoughts as comments on the pictures, keep the mouse over the pictures to read them, in case you haven’t found that one out already..
[all credits and refs of the works shot here]

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  1. elena October 26, 2010 at 12:24 pm #

    amaazing collection

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