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In my Veins runs India Ink.

29 Dec

Deep in my Sleep, I feel her Eyes staring at me into the dark. Wild Animals, restless, shaking from fear.
I know they have been hurt before and tracked a thousand miles.
I know it will take a hundred Sunsets for Her to Trust again.
‘Know that she’ll long be watching me, as I slide into sleep, soon after sunset.
Long before she dares closing an eye, keeping the other on my breath, tracking my Dreams.
She’s only trippin’ asleep, and I wish she could fall with me. Fall in love, fall asleep in my arms.
And till the Night comes, I’ll keep lookin’ for Stars within the black moons she wears, under her eyes.

– black moons are for sleepwalkers and dreamers, of the Vivid.



22 Dec

Tattoo / Tribal

21 Dec

Last Face-paint class before the holidays..

Hair Revolution

18 Dec

**Bliss. Short hair are just too good, but Guys keep it SECRET.

.. and i just found an awesome quote:

“Style is the answer to everything. A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing. To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it.”
Charles Bukowski

Witches n’ Skulls.. (and Snow).

8 Dec

Today’s course. Loved it. We worked with the paint differently this time: less flat applications, more shading using the paint much drier and working in layers. Preferred to work this way, the effect is much more interesting, although i get a feeling that it might get messy much quicker.. hence this course now, after we’ve familiarized ourselves with the tools and products + techniques.

Pretty interesting to note that an old person for a theater makeup would be done like the witch (minus the ugly dark spot), using a neutral color palette.

Morpho-psychology & Makeup

5 Dec

Applied Morpho-psychology class. “Pushed Natural” Makeup. Here, it’s all about taking care of the unique features of one’s face and balancing some areas or proportions with makeup. And of course, it is about tricking the eye, it should appear effortless and the face should remain natural and pretty, with all it’s liveliness, dimension and character kept intact.

Painting Butterflies, Forgetting about Faces.

5 Dec

Face Painting from this week. Self explanatory!