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Illustration Room

3 Oct

So i will probably be doing more illustrations than makeup in the relatively near future..

HERE is where you can check examples of what i scribble and squeeze out of my pens.


From make up to Tattoo..

5 Apr

A “tattoo” i created this morning.. a preparatory stage to a final and bigger one that i need have to come up with soon.


Make up for Simon(e)

9 Mar

* cover

Make up by Miss Poppins p 172-179.
A fun, creative project to work on.. thank you Simon(e) and team!
Make sure you check it all out.
Conceptual, underground-ish, artistic, anti-fashionable.

>> here.

Clowning yourself to Death

12 Feb


So i’m finally putting up the Clown Project pictures, from trials to exam shots. The brief was: “a clown”, the rest, costume included was up to me. This is the Character i created, not too colourful, not happy, not sad. A classy dandy clown, serious, slightly mean and a tad naughty.  Maybe quite like me.


Tattoo / Tribal

21 Dec

Last Face-paint class before the holidays..

Witches n’ Skulls.. (and Snow).

8 Dec

Today’s course. Loved it. We worked with the paint differently this time: less flat applications, more shading using the paint much drier and working in layers. Preferred to work this way, the effect is much more interesting, although i get a feeling that it might get messy much quicker.. hence this course now, after we’ve familiarized ourselves with the tools and products + techniques.

Pretty interesting to note that an old person for a theater makeup would be done like the witch (minus the ugly dark spot), using a neutral color palette.

Painting Butterflies, Forgetting about Faces.

5 Dec

Face Painting from this week. Self explanatory!

Water Maters

13 Nov

A goooorgeous, cleverly designed bottle, not only because it neatly fits in a pocket or because it is designed by s+arck (which we agree is a BIG plus), but because it is a bottle with a message, one can subtly spread in style, drinking one’s watery way to health and a better world.

“Water Carriers” is an a campaign by the FRANCE LIBERTE / DANIELLE MITTERRAND FONDATION, that was launched in June 2010 to raise awareness on the issue of water as a human right.

The Water Carrier campaign invites people to get hold of a “Water Leaf” (a slim PET bottle designed by s+arck for the occasion) for 5 euros, and answer/sign the online Call by FRANCE LIBERTE: “Let’s all become Water Carrier!”.

By doing so, collectivities, and/or people like you and me, stand up against the acceptance that human being could die merely because they do not have  access to drinking water. By becoming a Water Carrier, one makes a choice to raise a voice, as a community, for a new organization and distribution of water resources worldwide.

TO BECOME A (cool) WATER CARRIER (like me): all you need to do is sign up the France Liberte Fondation’s call here and get your own bottle there. Then wait 3 days and you’ll have it in your mail box, and you can enjoy this new experience, where you can SPEAK UP your conscience AND DRINK at the same time. Now how cool is that??

Plus BOBO tu meurs??” Et allors??! Moi j’aime, je like, je surkiffe! ha ha.
Now save those 5 euros you would spend on a cigarette pack and fill + drink water in style forever. Come on!

** The Water Carrier MAnifesto **

1) Water is not a Product meant to enrich the overcrowed market of the food industry, it is a common resource, destined to be freely available and consumed, not only by Mankind, but by all living organisms.

2) In order to preserve the water resource for future generations, it is our duty to return water to nature in its original state of purity.

3) Access to (pure) water is a fundamental Human Right, that can only be safeguarded by a public, democratic and transparent management of the water resource, dictated and inforced by law.


Up in the Attic

16 Oct

So the make up Era has begun indeed, and it’s been a very exiting and intense week (or has it been two weeks already? Time goes. and flies die.. anyways..), that got me  running all over the place, physically and mentally, with a few logistic changes in my life as well.. things that took me away from this blog. I shall come back soon with some glimpses of museum painting(s) or some makeup stuff.. soon.

Meanwhile, a couple of mood-shots from under the attic – where i think a lot, and sleep a lot less. Just because it’s pretty. and because it’s been pretty hard to climb those steps while i lack the energy a good night of sleep would give me. But that’s on the plan for this weekend.. starting now.

Things that Saw me pass by and Wonder.

23 Sep

Days are warm and so my heart is, wandering till my feet bleed.. the city is cold some say, but so far i ain’t feelin’ it, and high noses are being ignored.

At the pub, i see the POsh-club getting drunk.. let me tell you that the Rich aren’t any better there: expensive alcohol does not make smarter drunks. Prada, Vuitton and Gucci, walking-in in all their glory, walk out the door in a certain state.. of misery.