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Make up for Simon(e)

9 Mar

* cover

Make up by Miss Poppins p 172-179.
A fun, creative project to work on.. thank you Simon(e) and team!
Make sure you check it all out.
Conceptual, underground-ish, artistic, anti-fashionable.

>> here.


Monster Me

25 Feb

A test.

I think my face is easily trans·form·a·ble adj.
{ trans·form v. trans·formedtrans·form·ingtrans·forms. 1. To change markedly the appearance or form of. }


Tastes & Sights

18 Sep

So it’s been 2 weeks that i moved in to PAris, i’ve discovered things, opened my eyes wide, met nice people and snobbish ones too.. Also found a new job, which means: learning to pour/serve/recognize/sell pints of beer, sleep very early (morning), wake up early (afternoon)..

A new life has begun, and i thought that i’d rather share some visual clues gathered along the way to give you a taste and feel of things i’ve liked..