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In-house Inspiration

27 Jan

* works by Katja, Natalie, Francois and Marie Helene

In the past few weeks, i’ve been lucky enough to be a makeup guinea pig for a couple of senior talented makeup Artists and their (air)Brushes. I thank them a lot for providing me with this learning opportunity, and for all that they tought me while working on my canvas skin.


The Makeup Era has begun

6 Oct

Airbrush makeup inspiration shot from a magazine i sifted through.

Here we are, i officially started my makeup artist course.. looking forward to the 3 wonderful years of learning to come! I went to buy all my makeup kit.. more pics on that to come.. life sometimes extra exiting.


BITE YOUR NAILS (with envy).

of course there were some things that i could not resist at the shop, although there were not on the list ( i mean.. a PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTIST SHOP?!!?)..