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Clowning yourself to Death

12 Feb


So i’m finally putting up the Clown Project pictures, from trials to exam shots. The brief was: “a clown”, the rest, costume included was up to me. This is the Character i created, not too colourful, not happy, not sad. A classy dandy clown, serious, slightly mean and a tad naughty.  Maybe quite like me.




19 Nov

This week in makeup, part II.

So this week we started the face painting classes, which were lot more harder that it seems, i think it might even have been the hardest so far. But i loved it: doing it and being a clown too.. too bad i had to wash it out so soon.. although the washing out part is never all that easy either: came out of school with a green ear and went to a pole emploi meeting in the afternoon with some blue in my hair and sparkles too – which of course i realized only once i came back home, after the meeting. oh well!!