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More on PapaRosa [Full shots and the Rest of the Story]

27 Jan

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The Story i created for PapaRosa’s Poetical World..
(pics & makeup)


And then , there was a mini feature in ELLE, and a lovely booth setup by Marie-Ange for her brand (see her film bellow), and rather successful trade show (WHO’S NEXT). Long live PapaRosa.


Inspiration x2

21 Jan


… (sigh).

Coming Soon

9 Jan

A very Nice Photo..Makeup..Creative..Fashionable..Poetical Project with PapaRosa. More soon.

Model, Anne Sophie Monfront
Fashion Designer / Stylist / Brand Creator, Marie Ange Giordano
Photographer & Makeup Artist, Miss Poppins

Train of Thoughts

27 Sep

If my thoughts were to ever to ride a train but a scooter it would look like this for sure.
(Besides the fact that it would never stop).

Tastes & Sights

18 Sep

So it’s been 2 weeks that i moved in to PAris, i’ve discovered things, opened my eyes wide, met nice people and snobbish ones too.. Also found a new job, which means: learning to pour/serve/recognize/sell pints of beer, sleep very early (morning), wake up early (afternoon)..

A new life has begun, and i thought that i’d rather share some visual clues gathered along the way to give you a taste and feel of things i’ve liked..

New Skin (#1)

15 Sep

So i’ve already started to enjoy new ways to buy clothes in Paris, buying second-hand and or vintage stuff through people.. and it ended up being a great way to meet great people!! Well, at least that’s how i ended up meeting two cool girlies and get myself some stylish new/old skins ..

more bellow

Paris, Sweet Home

9 Sep

So here i am, settling down in Paris, in a room that feels so much like mine already, although i have to re-learn everything. A new life taking place in eighteen lovely square meters of Island, seven floors above the earth – the perfect height to imagine how much there is to do, see, walk, meet and discover..

Queen of the Attic, i watch Paris wake up and go to sleep, knowing at first every morning if Paris will be gloomy or happy. I will be happy for sure..

** no definite net connection at home yet, posting this from a library.. hoping to post more stuff soonly!

Bleached Look and New Ink

3 Sep

As if, the poetry poetry that lies deep down my head, had to rise up and fall on my skin.
Nous sommes fait de la meme matiere que les reves… WS.

Night Sketches

22 Aug

Sometimes my pens tickle at night, and there is no stopping them. It is in fact mainly when my eyes get heavy that they get agitated. I always have a notebook at hand, full of collages and writings that emerge from such creative urges or inspiration sparks. I thought i’d share these two sketches that i just extracted out of my pens. The night is of cotton wool, like today was, just to remind us that the summer won’t last for ever. Just so that we enjoy the next few days like the last sip of the morning coffee – the one with all the sugar grains that did not melt inside, sweet and thick. Tomorrow i will be going to the sea house. My head is at peace, i can already hear the waves.

Disco-ball Eyed Psychedelic Doll

2 Jun

Short movie directed by illustrator and Hint contributor Przemek Sobocki –  filmed at Le Baron in Tokyo.


Sharing the love.. Especially the love for the Wonderlicious gold glittered eyelids, and this offbeat view on fashion disco.