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Monster Me

25 Feb

A test.

I think my face is easily trans·form·a·ble adj.
{ trans·form v. trans·formedtrans·form·ingtrans·forms. 1. To change markedly the appearance or form of. }



There’s Something in the Hair

21 Feb

Make up internships and jobs can lead you to unexpected places.. that’s something i learnt last week. Not like i’ve never been told that being a good makeup artist implies hair styling skills..

I was asked to make a wig for a theater play (Pinocchio’s father). It was to look “yellow, dramatic, funny and like it’s made out of straw”.

Then i got to do some fake beard tests for a photo shoot (tests were done on myself and it was a pretty traumatic experience.. i got the f** feeling that i looked like george michael in the 80’s.. and that was not pleasant).

.. it’s all ’bout the Hair they say?

Coming Soon

9 Jan

A very Nice Photo..Makeup..Creative..Fashionable..Poetical Project with PapaRosa. More soon.

Model, Anne Sophie Monfront
Fashion Designer / Stylist / Brand Creator, Marie Ange Giordano
Photographer & Makeup Artist, Miss Poppins

Pre-Halloween Photo Booth

31 Oct

Running away with Ghosts,
those who build stories in your head and laugh at your Fears, throwing them away from your Dreams..
So you can sleep at night,

So you never forget how to write my name.

The BEST way to celebrate anything, is to celebrate it before anyone else, and DO IT DIFFERENTLY, especially when looks or make-up are involved. In fact, those paper eyelashes are the same kind of the ones i had made for a shoot in India that had been great fun too.
(btw: on the same note, i was hopping to find a black TUTU for a wedding.. if anyone could help me on that, it seems rather hard to find, even in Paris and at the fripperies..so HELP!).

Classroom Mood..

19 Oct

So for those out there who’ve been wondering and asking about my classes: here is how it looks and feel! today’s class was on natural makeup still, with an extra touch of technique. Gotta love the way we build our skill-set one step at a time, with everyday a new technique to learn.. we’re still at the basic, what we do in half an hour now will be a 2 minutes automatic job later on.. but that’ll be in some weeks. Right now, i’m truly enjoying learning the basics, trying to work the finest possible. love, love, love.

** a big thank to my favorite model for her patience and trust!

** And here is the Doll after some Eyebrow reshaping and Hair curling done by me : ). I think she looks like Emmanuelle béart .