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Jap’ Tat’

27 May


Long Due Update

14 May

* i haven’t posted in a long time, so here are some new works and techniques [Bold caps for theatre, theatre make-up, 20’s / cabaret special effects, ageing, eye brow covering, 2h Dead..]

From make up to Tattoo..

5 Apr

A “tattoo” i created this morning.. a preparatory stage to a final and bigger one that i need have to come up with soon.


Make up for Simon(e)

9 Mar

* cover

Make up by Miss Poppins p 172-179.
A fun, creative project to work on.. thank you Simon(e) and team!
Make sure you check it all out.
Conceptual, underground-ish, artistic, anti-fashionable.

>> here.

More on PapaRosa [Full shots and the Rest of the Story]

27 Jan

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The Story i created for PapaRosa’s Poetical World..
(pics & makeup)


And then , there was a mini feature in ELLE, and a lovely booth setup by Marie-Ange for her brand (see her film bellow), and rather successful trade show (WHO’S NEXT). Long live PapaRosa.

In-house Inspiration

27 Jan

* works by Katja, Natalie, Francois and Marie Helene

In the past few weeks, i’ve been lucky enough to be a makeup guinea pig for a couple of senior talented makeup Artists and their (air)Brushes. I thank them a lot for providing me with this learning opportunity, and for all that they tought me while working on my canvas skin.


22 Dec

Some Makeups from Last Week

29 Nov




SOME of the work from last week, in random Order..
(.. and as always, explanations/comments as your mouse stays over each pic for a few sec).


19 Nov

This week in makeup, part II.

So this week we started the face painting classes, which were lot more harder that it seems, i think it might even have been the hardest so far. But i loved it: doing it and being a clown too.. too bad i had to wash it out so soon.. although the washing out part is never all that easy either: came out of school with a green ear and went to a pole emploi meeting in the afternoon with some blue in my hair and sparkles too – which of course i realized only once i came back home, after the meeting. oh well!!

** Red Mouth

19 Nov

This week in makeup, part I.
[ Red Mouth and sophisticated eyes, more visible bellow – never thought it would take that much effort and preciseness to  realise this look. But well.. it did!!! ]

>> And thanks to Eloise for being my model on this one, she was so tired she was actually falling asleep while i was doing her makeup, which was great in fact cause she would stay perfectly still!!