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Bleached Look and New Ink

3 Sep

As if, the poetry poetry that lies deep down my head, had to rise up and fall on my skin.
Nous sommes fait de la meme matiere que les reves… WS.


Night Sketches

22 Aug

Sometimes my pens tickle at night, and there is no stopping them. It is in fact mainly when my eyes get heavy that they get agitated. I always have a notebook at hand, full of collages and writings that emerge from such creative urges or inspiration sparks. I thought i’d share these two sketches that i just extracted out of my pens. The night is of cotton wool, like today was, just to remind us that the summer won’t last for ever. Just so that we enjoy the next few days like the last sip of the morning coffee – the one with all the sugar grains that did not melt inside, sweet and thick. Tomorrow i will be going to the sea house. My head is at peace, i can already hear the waves.

Chemise a Fleurs et Fraises Tagada

22 Aug

The feel of a Summer that comes to an end, floats on the day of today in a transparent veil. The smell of grey clouds. The silence that prevails and  lingers after the storm. They numb my head slowly and make me want to sleep, but in my head, remains the summer sun. Flower prints as second skin, strawberry candies filing my mouth still. Decadent summer innocence that gives a reason to my shorts to get looser and my knees rockier. My legs are blue but my smile takes it all away. The summer was meant to be embraced and lived. The Sun bleached away the worries from my head. I stole pieces of stars at night and hid them in the ocean. I treasure the child in me. I worship the cuts and bruises on my skin, witnesses of a spontaneous and happy me.

Back in France

20 Aug

I left on the 25th June, two days after getting a random phone call from Italy: a work proposal, to work as a hostess on a boat. I wasn’t sure if i would be going for two weeks or two months. It’s been after almost two months that i put my backpack down yesterday, after a (lovely) 15 hours train journey.

In those two months, i worked as a hostess/cook/deck-hand/babysitter on a sweet Hanse 531 sailing boat in Croatia, learnt (some) Italian, visited Verona, Venezia, the lake of Garda and some other lovely mountain place, met great people, worked hard, swam a lot, got bruises on my legs, learnt tricks to make pasta the Italian way, got a tanned skin and sea bleached hairs, sat in a Jaguar car, ate cinnamon and other greatly flavored gelato, went to the Guggenheim museum.. A great experience which added new facets on the Kaleidoscope of my eyes.

[more picture to be uploaded here soonly]

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Life Flip.

23 Jun

TO do list:
quit job (almost done),
find another job (done),
buy sunscreen (tom),
pack bag (tom),
get away (thursday),
jump on a train (thursday),
say hi to paris (thursday),
learn some italian (soon!),
jump on a boat and get to work (friday),
be happy (done).

[Due to this life flip that is so peculiar to my lovely life, there might be no updates till July.. at least].