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Illustration Room

3 Oct

So i will probably be doing more illustrations than makeup in the relatively near future..

HERE is where you can check examples of what i scribble and squeeze out of my pens.


Night Sketches

22 Aug

Sometimes my pens tickle at night, and there is no stopping them. It is in fact mainly when my eyes get heavy that they get agitated. I always have a notebook at hand, full of collages and writings that emerge from such creative urges or inspiration sparks. I thought i’d share these two sketches that i just extracted out of my pens. The night is of cotton wool, like today was, just to remind us that the summer won’t last for ever. Just so that we enjoy the next few days like the last sip of the morning coffee – the one with all the sugar grains that did not melt inside, sweet and thick. Tomorrow i will be going to the sea house. My head is at peace, i can already hear the waves.