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Illustration Room

3 Oct

So i will probably be doing more illustrations than makeup in the relatively near future..

HERE is where you can check examples of what i scribble and squeeze out of my pens.


Jap’ Tat’

27 May

Clowning yourself to Death

12 Feb


So i’m finally putting up the Clown Project pictures, from trials to exam shots. The brief was: “a clown”, the rest, costume included was up to me. This is the Character i created, not too colourful, not happy, not sad. A classy dandy clown, serious, slightly mean and a tad naughty.  Maybe quite like me.


More on PapaRosa [Full shots and the Rest of the Story]

27 Jan

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The Story i created for PapaRosa’s Poetical World..
(pics & makeup)


And then , there was a mini feature in ELLE, and a lovely booth setup by Marie-Ange for her brand (see her film bellow), and rather successful trade show (WHO’S NEXT). Long live PapaRosa.

Coming Soon

9 Jan

A very Nice Photo..Makeup..Creative..Fashionable..Poetical Project with PapaRosa. More soon.

Model, Anne Sophie Monfront
Fashion Designer / Stylist / Brand Creator, Marie Ange Giordano
Photographer & Makeup Artist, Miss Poppins

Passages, Puppets, Windows and Shadows.

4 Jan

Words come out at night, when i’m about to close my eyes, when i loosen up the guard and let go. They run about freely, whisper in my head. They morph into sinuous creatures and puppeteer my thoughts.


Tired eyes for a Sleepless Mind,
i wish that my Heart was more, of the Fearless kind.
I sleep in Daylight,
’cause the white Ghosts can’t be seen,
I stare at the Moon, right,
until the sky turns grey, before the sun kicks in.
Without the Sun i can’t stretch my lips,
the cold numbs my Hands and i lose my grip.
Frozen fingers await those who Hold onto things too long,
so i’m letting him go, but don’t think i’m strong.


In my Veins runs India Ink.

29 Dec

Deep in my Sleep, I feel her Eyes staring at me into the dark. Wild Animals, restless, shaking from fear.
I know they have been hurt before and tracked a thousand miles.
I know it will take a hundred Sunsets for Her to Trust again.
‘Know that she’ll long be watching me, as I slide into sleep, soon after sunset.
Long before she dares closing an eye, keeping the other on my breath, tracking my Dreams.
She’s only trippin’ asleep, and I wish she could fall with me. Fall in love, fall asleep in my arms.
And till the Night comes, I’ll keep lookin’ for Stars within the black moons she wears, under her eyes.

– black moons are for sleepwalkers and dreamers, of the Vivid.


22 Dec

Inspiration ++

28 Nov

[QUADRON – Buster Keaton]

I don’t post videos often in here, but this one is really worth it.

From Denmark.
Truly inspirational.
Not far from the world i (wish i) live(d) in.

Pre-Halloween Photo Booth

31 Oct

Running away with Ghosts,
those who build stories in your head and laugh at your Fears, throwing them away from your Dreams..
So you can sleep at night,

So you never forget how to write my name.

The BEST way to celebrate anything, is to celebrate it before anyone else, and DO IT DIFFERENTLY, especially when looks or make-up are involved. In fact, those paper eyelashes are the same kind of the ones i had made for a shoot in India that had been great fun too.
(btw: on the same note, i was hopping to find a black TUTU for a wedding.. if anyone could help me on that, it seems rather hard to find, even in Paris and at the HELP!).