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Long Due Update

14 May

* i haven’t posted in a long time, so here are some new works and techniques [Bold caps for theatre, theatre make-up, 20’s / cabaret special effects, ageing, eye brow covering, 2h Dead..]


Make up for Simon(e)

9 Mar

* cover

Make up by Miss Poppins p 172-179.
A fun, creative project to work on.. thank you Simon(e) and team!
Make sure you check it all out.
Conceptual, underground-ish, artistic, anti-fashionable.

>> here.

There’s Something in the Hair

21 Feb

Make up internships and jobs can lead you to unexpected places.. that’s something i learnt last week. Not like i’ve never been told that being a good makeup artist implies hair styling skills..

I was asked to make a wig for a theater play (Pinocchio’s father). It was to look “yellow, dramatic, funny and like it’s made out of straw”.

Then i got to do some fake beard tests for a photo shoot (tests were done on myself and it was a pretty traumatic experience.. i got the f** feeling that i looked like george michael in the 80’s.. and that was not pleasant).

.. it’s all ’bout the Hair they say?

Just Another Exhib

29 Oct

Thursday was an exhibition rich day for miss Poppins and her friends (!).. this was one of them, on Street Art, all under one roof with live demos.. Nothing much to say besides the fact that it was very color-intense and graphically rich.. so enjoy!

All Artists and Credits to be found at: Le M.U.R de l’art”, at the Blancs Manteaux Art Space, 48 rue Vieille du Temple, Paris. (until Nov. 1st).